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Kirsten Maron

I saw Jo recently because of my long-standing phobia of rodents. I've been utterly terrified of mice in particular, since 1990 when there was a plague in our suburb in Canberra.

I wasn't sure if hypnotherapy could help but was willing to give it a go, it couldn't hurt, right? I really wasn't expecting too much.

From the very first session Jo put me at ease. She is so warm and sympathetic and genuine and she listened without any judgement. We did a hypnotherapy session and she gave me homework which included listening to the hypno recording and initially looking at pictures of cute mice (to be honest even that was hard at first)

By the second session I was feeling far more comfortable with looking at pictures, then videos of mice, and that, combined with the hypno recording, started to shift my fear.

Several weeks later I'm feeling 80% better and my phobia is well and truly getting under control. There was a mouse in my kitchen about a week ago and although I didn't love it, I also didn't have a complete meltdown, which is a huge improvement.

I highly recommend Jo, she's amazing, and I'm so grateful for her help with this issue.

Pamela Turner 

Recently I've had bullying issues at work that had me in a paralysing anxiety affecting my everyday life. But after working with Jo, I've experienced a significant reduction in my anxiety levels. Just being able to reframe my own responses to external stressors has helped me to stop catastrophising. Her approach is holistic and she really takes the time to understand the complexities of the issue. I highly recommend her services. 

Joanne Simpson

Jo  is an incredible therapist. Her hypnosis sessions have been transformative for me. I have spent many years talking about my trauma and just felt like I was stuck in a loop. I have been able to file so much away and look to the future with positivity. Highly recommend this type of therapy for anyone that wants to just move on. 
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