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How Can This Style Of Therapy Help Me?

spa stones


The most frequently asked questions about the process of hypnosis. 

What Happens In A Session

An overview of what to expect in a session

Back Pain Treatment

Hypnosis For Chronic Pain

The science of pain and the contributing factors to the experience of pain explained here, including how hypnosis can help to improve your life. 

Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Information on how hypnosis can assist in your weight loss journey as part of the process.

Running Group
spa stones
Sad on Couch

Hypnosis For Anxiety

A summary of the benefits of hypnosis in managing the cause of anxiety.

Hypnosis For Addiction

Whether it is smoking, drinking alcohol, social media or other compulsions, addiction is a process that can be changed. Find out how hypnosis can assist in your journey. 

Smoking by a Window
Sleeping with Eye Mask

Hypnosis for Insomnia

The science of sleep, medical issues and how hypnosis can help you to sleep. 

Hypnosis for IBS

Contemporary research on the cause of irritable bowel syndrome and how management of anxiety with hypnosis and lifestyle can alleviate symptoms.

Stomach Ache
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