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Heartbreak is not just an immensely painful emotional feeling, it is a biological and somatic (bodily) feeling that when observed in a brain scan, appears in the same location as physical pain. There is little worse in this world than losing someone you have a deep connection with, whether a romantic partner, friend, relative or pet. 


The grief associated with relationship loss can be immensely life altering, regardless of whether you have been the one to end the relationship or not. While no amount of therapy can take this pain away completely, there are ways to process the grief and loss and learn how to care for yourself during this traumatic time. 

In the early days, it is important not to rush anything, but focus on self-compassion, processing and self-care. If you are months or years into your journey and need help in acceptance and moving forward, hypnotherapy can greatly assist.  Whether you are one day in or two years in, having some guidance on how to navigate your healing can be helpful in moving through these sad, murky times. 

The support in therapy after a break-up or relationship ending can make a huge difference to your overall healing.

I can't take the pain away for you, but I can help guide you through the stages of grief, manage emotions, promote self-care, and when you are ready, see a future again. 

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